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Way back in 2011, Odin Events identified the need for something a little different within the mobile adventure market and set to work on designing and commissioning The Trailer Cave®. For 2 years, we have been covertly trying and testing the system in various event scenarios. We have found The Trailer Cave® to be a huge success across all sectors with a multipurpose use – everything from brand activation to educational engagement projects.

The overall design and layout of the cave incorporates all of the exciting features of and elements of our bespoke caving adventure systems but condensed into 30 linear meters.

Artificial caving systems provide a fun and exciting replication of real caving but in a safe and controlled environment. Similar to our mobile climbing walls, artificial caving systems aim to educate, inspire and excite a new generation of subterranean explorers as well as make caving more available to those who otherwise would not get a chance to participate. We provide each caver a helmet and head torch, have a quick brief, and then send them off to discover!



Q. Is the cave suitable for adults?

A. Yes! It is suitable for adults and children. It is realistic in dimension as well as feature. It is a fantastic way to explore and discover the realms of caving in a more secure and safe environment.

Q. Will I fit in?

A. The main passageway allows a caver of 6'4 tall 44" chest 20" shoulders and 42" waist. Unfortunately, just like a real cave, it will not be suitable for everybody.

Q. What are the trailer dimensions and how big is the operational area?

A. The size of the trailer measures 7m long by 2m wide, we recommend an operational area of 10m x 6m, this allows for safety matting at each exit point and a crowd control system to be implemented if needed.

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